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28 April 2036 @ 02:43 am
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06 January 2014 @ 05:59 pm
Every time I watch a so-called "haul" video or "my *insert name of object here* collection," I'm in awe. And not in a good way. I mean it's OK that you like books/make up/whatever but why on earth would you hoard a crazy amount of it? Why!? You will never ever use up (or, I dare say, try) all of those products, and even if you read all those books I highly doubt that you will re-read most of them, and then why keep them? Not to mention why buy them in the first place? Why not read the e-book version? Why not borrow them from a library? The list of why's is endless.
To me these people showing off their unnecessarily huge collection of whatever just come off as thoughtless and spoilt. I think it shows the cultural (and financial) differences between people from western countries (western as in to the west from the former Eastern Block, not western to Asia), and us living here in what is still labelled as "Eastern Europe" not for geographical reasons. But I don't want to go into politics or whatever, this post is supposed to be a rant about careless environmental pollution.
Even if I were in a situation financially where I could buy whatever the hell I want I would not buy whatever the hell I want. Why? Because I don't need 90% of whatever the hell I want. What is the purpose of piling up useless shit around you? I tell you: nothing. Eventually even the proud owner will end up realising that the 215786322547844th eye shadow palette expired a long time ago without ever been even opened not to mention used and now is totally useless, that the book series, dvd/blue ray collection of the TV series they were so totally into 5-6 years ago means nothing to them anymore, just takes up valuable space from their houses. And then most of these items will land in the dumpster or in store houses with other useless shit they were so fond of a decade earlier. And the circle never ends.
People should realise at last that less is practically always more and more will just end up drowning them. Sooner than they would think.  
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